Remind me Smartwatch

… a new interaction concept for smartwatches

Remindme is a smartwatch concept which uses a natural user interface to create an innovative experience. 2013 is the year of smartwatches so as a challenge in my semester abroad I wanted to redefine how people use to remind themselves and with that how they use smartwatches.

My Project Services. Concept. UX Design. Interface Design.

Idea behind remindme

People nowadays are busy and need to keep a lot of things in mind. As the human brain is forgetful, we often need to remind ourselves on birthdays or shopping list items. Remindme is a concept for a smartwatch, which focuses on reminding people to not forget. With the palm as a natural user interface to write down notes with your fingertip, Remindme has set an innovative way for people to remind themselves easily.

Here you can download the complete project description

Project Presentation on slideshare

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