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…a sustainable museum experience

In my third semester at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, my team out of four students developed a concept of an interactive museum table and a mobile application to make the museum experience endless. The project was done in cooperation with the Städel Museum, Frankfurt.

My Project Services. Concept. UX Design. Interface Design.

Idea behind the project

In a survey, we found out that there are three things which shape our memory of a museum visit: personal impressions as pictures taken with our camera, information about the exhibition or masterpieces and the visual impressions of the art themselves. But what are we doing with our impressions after a museum visit? The answer is in most cases that we ban them in a bookshelf or on a PC.

Our vision is to make the museum experience endless and reveal hidden values.

Usability Testing

During our project we started an usability test to find out the most important usability problems in our application which was still in a wireframe status. We achieved very good results in testing it which we summarized in a presentation. (Click on the presentation to see the slideshare.net presentation)

Short Trailer of the project

Final Project Presentation on slideshare

(Click on the presentation to see the slideshare.net presentation)

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Special Mentions

Product Images from http://placeit.breezi.com/

3D Table Renderings by Martin Hoppe