Typeface design “abroad”

… a grotesk and geometric typeface

Abroad is a sans serif typeface, which was inspired by the bauhaus style and my own handwriting. With its round and geometric forms, it is appealing contemporary and stylish. the name descends from its creation in singapore during a semester abroad at the nanyang technological university.

My Project Services. Concept. Design. Implementation.


For the creation of the font, first of all I’ve drawn the whole alphabet with some punctuation marks with my hand. I then digitalized the hand drawn glyphs and found the counters or “double stams” very interesting, so I worked on them to draw them more clearer.

Besides the counters, I also used the round forms and small caps height of my handwriting to implement it in the final typeface. In the end I adjusted some characteristics of glyphs and the metrics.

Available glyphs: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.!?“„,:;

Download the font file here