Make a face

… a funny iPad application

For the welcome event of the new students on the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (h_da), I programmed a collaborative iPad application.

My Project Services. Concept. Programming.

“Make a face” is a multi-user application. It allows users to draw a face on the iPad with three different colors. Another person then has to make the face. A photo of the person is taken to compare the drawn and real face. In the end the audience decide whether the face fits to the drawing or has to be repeated. Fun is pre-programmed!

The aim and functionality of the application should be very simple, considering that most of the students drink beer during this event…

The programming was done in Objective C as a native iPad application. The Application –as it was for an university event– was not launched in the App Store. The design was by my friend Sara Gottschalk.