Corporate Design Concept Gaia

… for sustainable fashion

Sustainable Fashion gets still to less attention in public. With a new modern corporate design, new target audiences shall be addressed.

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Organic fashion are fabrics which are free from herbicides, pesticides, or genetically modified seeds. Normally, clothes cause a lot of problems:
They are very polluting to the environment, causing global warming. non-biodegradable and don’t break down easily. CERTAIN DYES are thought to cause cancer. Hazardous chemicals are also used on wool.

Our brand identity:
sustainable handmade fashion to emphasize the natural beauty of you!

When we first thought of our corporate design strategy and how to raise awareness for our clothing, we thought of nature, the colors of nature in the four seasons and came up with a metaphor which represents earth – Mother Earth – reincarnation of nature, She‘s represented by a woman who wears nature like clothing on her body – in the greek mythology the goddess Gaia is this reincarnation and thats how the logo was born.

By supporting organic fashion reducing the harmful effects to earth and us!


The logo consists of different parts. A form of a woman forming a heart with her arms (symbolizing the love of mother earth, love to our natural products) She’s wearing a dress our of leaves and on her head is a flower accessoire which is indicative of our products.
With the metaphor of mother earth for our company, we want to emphasize on the natural beauty of woman which is expressed through Mother Earth‘s beauty while wearing natural clothes or nature as clothing. We also adress to the people‘s responsibility for loving the earth and therefore our brand. The bottom part of the logo should be a dress which the woman is wearing, and on her head is a flower accessoire, which is indicative of our products.


The colors are taken out of plants in summer and autumn. To underline the natural and organic character of our brand, we chose pastel tones. Our primary colors are different tones of green. The secondary colors nearly form their complementary colors in the color circle. Variations in the color spectrum of the brand are the colors in lower opacity and colors which are created through overlapping of these colors as shown below. This overlapping is well known from the merging of the colors in night photography.


The Corporate Design applies three font faces. For headlines the font „The Skinny“ as well as „I‘m fashionista“ will be used, whereby the last one is more used for „interjections“ (as on the poster „Bloom like a flower“) or for quotes. „The Skinny“ is characterized by its thin, condensed and quite unsteadily appearing gylphs. The typeface symbolizes very clearly the appearance of fashion models. „I‘m fashionista“ is a handwritten font which underlines the organic character of the brand and gives the brand a more female character. For the body text we‘ve chosen the well designed and known Univers typeface by Adrian Frutiger in the light condensed font style. It is well readable and underlines through its thin and condensed character the fashion and elegant effect as „The Skinny“.