3D Typeinstallation “EARTH”

… to raise awareness for our planet

The objective was to use typography to create an interactive 3D / 4D installation that communicates a message specific to an issue identified in Singapore.

My Project Services. Design. Implementation.


Singapore has a main issue: waste. 1370 kg of waste is generated by each person. That means 7.3 Million Tonnes generated by everyone (to better imagine this: it is more than the weight of the Cheops Pyramide…) The problems are dense haze, land space, incineration, poor recycling habits, waste composition and marine depris to just name a few.
The source of all evil is of course human beings.

To realize this we created garbage bins which forms the type “EARTH” out of different materials.

With the project earth my team and I want to set a statement
and make a change and let people feel responsible.