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In the last post, I wrote about the product “Pillow Talk”, which connects two lovers over long distance. The next product which wants to connect two persons, is for a mum and her child. Hey, you see there is much potential in connecting! How about connecting a pet lover with his pet? Or a fruits […]

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Often relationships break up when people are separated for a long time. Skype and other communication devices help to bridge the time, but the feeling that the beloved one is here cannot be replaced. – til now. Ever talked to your pillow? Out of a students project Joanna Montgomery found “Pillow Talk”, a product which connects long […]

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Summary on Chuan Khoo. Actually not only Chuan Khoo was impressive to me. Also some of the other speakers had points which make me think. At first I wanted to write about Benjamin Cheah, because of its way of thinking which is similar to mine. Where are you going? Who are you? These are questions maybe […]

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Currently I’ve read an article from Jack Gold who talks about a mighty failure of smartwatches. And I agree. What smartwatches now are doing is to be a remote control for smartphones and don’t really provide new functionalities which would be worth to spend such an amount of money. “Rather, if I look at wearable […]

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In the research article about the ongoing DM3005 project I’ve already explained the idea about “Remind me on…” in general and other similar projects. In this article I want to describe more the feasibility of the project.

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2013. “80% of the world’s population now has a mobile phone”(1) and 37.3% are online now (2). People want to be connected and social networks help them to instantly be up-to-date what’s going on. They use social media platforms to connect to friends and family and for information. Research Ever counted how often you check […]

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Inspired by the wearable media trend and the “Internet of Things” I decided to focus my research regarding this topic for the DM3005 course. Research about Wearable Media As in my latest article explained, a lot of big companies currently develop smartwatches which can be connected to the smartphone to display – of course the time […]

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