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Have you slept well the last days? Do you also feel still tired after your alarm clock ringed? The intelligent sleep mask Zizz can maybe help you to get a better sleep.


Zizz Sleep Mask – Source: techcrunch.com

The startup IQ Intelclinic developed an intelligent sleeping mask which can monitor the wearer’s sleep cycles. Small electrodes which are pressed on your head measures your eye-movement, brain waves and muscle tension. The gained data will be sent to the user’s smartphone. In connection with the app you can set alarm clocks and the app will wake you up after you’ve completed a full sleep cycle. The app allows you to set a buffer time to your alarm clock, so you’ll not weak up at the exact time but after the sleeping cycle.

The device also allows to set different modes like jet lag or power napping. Soon the startup will start a Kickstarter crowdfunding project for their mask.

Find out more about the sleep mask on the IQ Intelclinic Website.

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