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Currently I’ve read an article from Jack Gold who talks about a mighty failure of smartwatches. And I agree. What smartwatches now are doing is to be a remote control for smartphones and don’t really provide new functionalities which would be worth to spend such an amount of money.

“Rather, if I look at wearable devices as part of a personal sensor network and not just a remote window to my phone, that would have far greater value and one I’d be willing to pay for.” Jack Gold says.
The keyword “personal sensor network is very interesting because our smartphone have a central role with which all wearables could be connected. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 the power consumption isn’t that big. Wearables should support us in our every day life and not just bring the smartphone a little bit closer. Jack Gold speaks from the smartphone as a possible “communication hub”.

While the smartphone can be our control unit, wearables could inform us for example about our health like Jawbone Up.

Jawbone Up wristband

“If we change the discussion from communications to sensors, I think smart wearable devices have a huge future[...]” Jack Gold got the point. What if we don’t just think about communication; ok we’re living in a communication century but with Wearables we can monitor everything we’re doing.

Smartwatches like they are now will maybe not as popular as companies dream of unless they will change their role in our everday life.