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When talking about ubiquitous media, articles of daily use provided with the newest technology are always in talk. Either Google Glass which was first introduced in April 2012 or  the rumors about Apple’s iWatch: Wearable Computing seems to be a new trend in the mobile industry.

Smartwatches will be also an interesting topic at the next IFA in Germany: Even though Apple’s iWatch is still a rumor (ok according to many articles Apple already patented the name in Japan and  the smartwatch will be released in 2014), there are already a lot of concepts and smartwatches on the market. With the Galaxy Gear, Samsung will introduce his new smartwatch at the IFA.

Screenshot Angebliche Samsung Smartwatch

Supposedly Samsung Smartwatch. Source: http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/gadgets/bild-918992-462366.html

At the IFA, Sony’s second smartwatch will get off the starting blocks.

Sony SmartWatch 2 for Android Smartphones

So Sony, Samsung and Apple are seemingly at smartwatches. What about Google? In the latest article Google has confirmed that they’ve bought WIMM Labs, an Android Smartwatch Developer. Exiting…


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