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Often relationships break up when people are separated for a long time. Skype and other communication devices help to bridge the time, but the feeling that the beloved one is here cannot be replaced. – til now. Ever talked to your pillow? Out of a students project Joanna Montgomery found “Pillow Talk”, a product which connects long distance lovers through transmitting their heartbeats.

The product consists of a wristband which reads out the hearbeat of the wearer. The heartbeat is sent via Bluetooth to the smartphone. Both lovers need to have an iPhone or Android App installed which sents the heartbeat to the partner. The heartbeat can be heard by plugging in the earphones or pillow speaker. An intimate feeling is created. Wanna try it out? The Kickstarter project should soon be released. Until then, they are happy to get some Facebook Likes.


- Youtube Video: Pillow Talk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=teivc8Q-oSA)

- Website of the Pillow Talk: http://littleriot.com/pillowtalk/