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Everyone now knows smartwatches, but what about smart wristlets? When doing research for my current university project, I found a few interesting wristlets I want to share with you.

Nymi – Your Heartbeat as password

Wristlet Nymi developed by Bionym

What I didn’t know before is that our cardiac rhythm is as unique as our fingerprint. The new wristlet Nymi takes advantage of this. When a take on your wristlet, you can control your password protected devices, like smartphones, tablets, cars with simple gestures. Nymi can be the key for everything. Once you’re authenticated, you’ll stay authenticated until you take off your Nymi.

And because privacy in this case is what matters the most, Nymi has a 3-factor security system. For the authentication you need to have your Nymi, your heartbeat and another device which can serve as your authentication such as a smartphone application.

Nymi has the power to change our life by replacing all passwords which makes life easier. Pre-orders can be done now for $79 at the Nymi website.

Kapture – The mic wristlet

Kapture captures the last 60 seconds of a special moment

A current Kickstarter project deals with the challenge that you often miss to record the special moments in life. With Kapture they want to change this.

Kapture is a smart wristlet with an integrated mic, which can record the last 60 seconds of what was just said with a fingertip on the wristlet. It’s connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The battery should at least be enough for more than a day. That’s not much but the idea sounds interesting and I can definitely think of a lot of moments I would have liked Kapture to be on my wrist.

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