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2013. “80% of the world’s population now has a mobile phone”(1) and 37.3% are online now (2). People want to be connected and social networks help them to instantly be up-to-date what’s going on. They use social media platforms to connect to friends and family and for information.


Ever counted how often you check your e-mails or social networks daily? Well, I can say that I check my e-mails about 5 times a day. And that’s not all. “66 percent of online adults are connected to one or more social media platforms” and “50 percent of social media users say they check in to their favorite networks first thing in the morning”(3). People not only check their e-mails daily, but also their social networks which is quite a lot of time, in which people consumes social media content.

This connectivity also shows it’s bad sides. Often is reading messages and texting more important than listening to friends at a date. People are constantly focused on their phones, which the video demonstrates very good:

The wearable computing and especially smartwatch trend shows that people want to be informed, but thats in a faster and more comfortable way. Grabbing out your smartphone every few minutes to check e-mail or twitter is time consuming. And in interviews and meetings with friends rude.

What’s already on the market

A lot of companies developed smartwatches which should help to be get informed in a much faster way. The smartwatches of Sony, Samsung, and the other manufacturer are pretty similar. They are clumsy, bad designed and full of features no one needs (in my opinion).

The company which produced “Pebble” makes a little difference: the battery life of this smartwatch is more than one day. And that’s because they are using the eInk display which is also used by the Kindle eReader. (Qualcomm are also developing a smartwatch which should live more than one day because of a special display. But the price is not announced yet…)

Meet Pebble: Now at Best Buy from Pebble Technology on Vimeo.

The social “Social Hublet”

With my idea I don’t want to compete with all the smartwatches on the market. It remains undecided if they’re really as smart as the companies say.

With all the features in the smartwatch, people get constantly interrupted again of all the notifications and apps. It’s the same as with a smartphone, now just a little bit smaller. “Social Hublet” should introduce the faster way to get informed about what’s going on in your social networks and messages. Nothing more.

Just a quick glance at your wristlet and you can decide if you mark the message as relevant or give your attention again to your friend you’re with.

With Social Hublet you can have your attention to both the real world and your online social networks at the same time.

Social Hublet let’s you get social again.

Functions of Social Hublet

Social Hublet is your personalized Social Hub around your wrist. With Social Hublet you can:

  • – Display your favorite social networks, most important friends or following people
  • – Read latest messages and never miss any again
  • – Mark favorite messages for later reading on your mobile device
  • – Everything with one glance.

Sketch Social Hublet

Sketch Social Hublet

Technology of Social Hublet

To be your all-time companion, your Social Hublet should be comfortable, light-weighted, stylish and power efficient.

The Social Hublet should come with an eInk Display, which already Pebble uses, as mentioned earlier.


  • – low power consumption (can last for weeks); consuming power just when changing
  • – easy to read outdoors and in sunlight
  • – easy on the eyes
  • – no distracting light for others
  • – “backlight” for night through few LEDs


  • – no colors (for images)
  • – can’t display videos
  • – needs about 0.5 seconds to change the display(4)

There are also some flexible eInk Displays on the market, which could be used for a later mass processing. But still not for rapid prototyping with Arduino.


LG – Source: http://www.pcwelt.de/news/Technik-LG-stellt-biegsames-E-Ink-Display-vor-5633845.html?view=zoom&zoom=aufmacher

For a proof of concept there are different eInk Displays for Arduino available.:


rePaper – 2.0″ Graphic eInk Development Board. Source: http://www.adafruit.com/products/1316#Technical_Details

The first and second one seems to be suitable, even though the second one needs an Arduino Mega to dynamically generate the images.


I was recommended another Display which is a “cross between an eInk (e-paper) display and an LCD”(5). It’s more suitable for a watch, but definitely interesting.

SHARP Memory Display Breakout – 1.3″ 96×96 Silver Monochrome

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