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In the last post, I wrote about the product “Pillow Talk”, which connects two lovers over long distance. The next product which wants to connect two persons, is for a mum and her child. Hey, you see there is much potential in connecting! How about connecting a pet lover with his pet? Or a fruits […]

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Often relationships break up when people are separated for a long time. Skype and other communication devices help to bridge the time, but the feeling that the beloved one is here cannot be replaced. – til now. Ever talked to your pillow? Out of a students project Joanna Montgomery found “Pillow Talk”, a product which connects long […]

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Summary on Chuan Khoo. Actually not only Chuan Khoo was impressive to me. Also some of the other speakers had points which make me think. At first I wanted to write about Benjamin Cheah, because of its way of thinking which is similar to mine. Where are you going? Who are you? These are questions maybe […]

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Currently I’ve read an article from Jack Gold who talks about a mighty failure of smartwatches. And I agree. What smartwatches now are doing is to be a remote control for smartphones and don’t really provide new functionalities which would be worth to spend such an amount of money. “Rather, if I look at wearable […]

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In the research article about the ongoing DM3005 project I’ve already explained the idea about “Remind me on…” in general and other similar projects. In this article I want to describe more the feasibility of the project.

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2013. “80% of the world’s population now has a mobile phone”(1) and 37.3% are online now (2). People want to be connected and social networks help them to instantly be up-to-date what’s going on. They use social media platforms to connect to friends and family and for information. Research Ever counted how often you check […]

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Inspired by the wearable media trend and the “Internet of Things” I decided to focus my research regarding this topic for the DM3005 course. Research about Wearable Media As in my latest article explained, a lot of big companies currently develop smartwatches which can be connected to the smartphone to display – of course the time […]

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When talking about ubiquitous media, articles of daily use provided with the newest technology are always in talk. Either Google Glass which was first introduced in April 2012 or  the rumors about Apple’s iWatch: Wearable Computing seems to be a new trend in the mobile industry. Smartwatches will be also an interesting topic at the next […]

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