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Ever wanted to have your own personalized helicoopter, which can get you a coffee? Or wanted to take pictures out of the air to spy out your neighbors? With the Hex Mini, the Kickstarter Project is not far away from this dream.

Hex Mini

Quadrocopter Hex Mini

Hex Mini is a helicopter which can be controlled with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Due to that it’s limited to a range of 50m. By moving the smartphone to the left and right the helicopter will imitate this behaviour. Sounds like fun!

Hex Mini Control

Control of the Hex Mini via Smartphone

With an additional on board camera, you can take pictures out of the air or can balance articles in the center.

Vimeo Kickstarter Video

The helicopter should just cost around 50 US-Dollar. The “Shells” of the Quadrocopter will be builded with a 3D Printer. So the customers can choose from different shells to personalize their product.

On top, the Hex Mini is based on the Open Source Arduino Technology and can be easily modified with the right Know-How. The Crowdfunding project has already reached its goal. Release is december…



- Hex Airbot 

- T3N: Hex Mini: Personalisierbarer Quadrocopter für 50 Dollar

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